Who we are

We are Claire Higgins and Salina Rawles. We met through attending Out Youth sessions - a supportive LGBTQ+ group in Plymouth (Where Claire now has a youth-work support role within Plymouth city council’s youth service). We both graduated from Plymouth College of Art. Salina having studied games design and Claire animation.

Igneous Interactive is an immersive and interactive arts and tech start-up company. We aim to improve people’s lives through creative technology as well as create original Art Pieces with a unique technological twist. We are passionate about providing opportunities to experience digital arts and immersive media.

We are inclusive and work with other businesses, cultural organisations, schools, youth groups, communities, and individuals around us. Our company has developed with support from the Atlantic Youth Creative Hubs (AYCH) with whom we attended a creative jam event in Gijon (Spain) and have since delivered workshops at another creative jam as experts. We now deliver partnership projects within Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall, with hopes to expand further in and out of the UK.

What we do

We provide Virtual Reality experiences for people who have little no prior experience of Virtual Reality. This includes immersive painting, sculpting, 360 footage and much more. Communities we’ve provided this include kids, artists, the elderly and young people from creative jams.

We also create augmented reality experiences using digitised animations that overlay physical artwork when viewed through an app. This is usually personalised for the organisations and events we work with. We also add other interactive features into these experiences.

These experiences will be accessible through our soon to be released mobile app. An example of our first augmented reality project can be seen below on this page.


How we started

For our inaugural project we began working with the young people of Out Youth to create a mural with characters that came to life when viewed through a mobile app. The mural was well received from Plymouth City Council and we were introduced to Rishi Bates, who got us involved with AYCH who have been supporting us with the incubation period of growing our company. This then led us into an internship with Fotonow, a photography and filming community interest company directed by Matthew Pontin. They have been guiding us with invaluable business skills and contacts to help Igneous grow.

We have the ambition to grow and to share our creative knowledge and skills. Our key goal as a company is to use technology and art to work with communities, enriching them and presenting new ideas to the public, through workshops and digital exhibits, some of which blur the lines between fantasy and reality.